Sunday, October 7, 2007

Book Review: "When There Are No Words"

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 4 stars

In his book, Charlie Walton shares his personal experience with grief. The book is written to those who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one. It offers those who are grieving an idea of "what they are in for", some practical advice for grieving, and some encouragement to "make it" as Walton has done.

Although the book is short, Walton manages to cover a broad range of topics associated with grief. Some of the topics that I can relate to include: the presence of family and friends, grieving in your own way, inaccurate and uncaring media, our tendency to cast blame and treat false theories as facts, and the value of hugs!

Walton also touches on some other topics that are more thought-provoking: how to handle guilt, why we should not judge each other, and the role that memories play in our pain. His advice on these is simple and straightforward, although I would like to see more on each of these topics.

One thing that impresses me about the book is its easy style. It is very easy to read, and Walton has a knack for keeping things simple and relaxed. This is especially impressive given the subject matter of the book.

This is a very good book for those who have recently lost a loved one.


Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your website today. My heart truly goes out to your family. I am a Christian homeschooling mother of six children. I will be earnestly praying that some how some good will shine through this.The website is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. May God bless you with the perfect peace only He can give.

Nery said...

Hello Russell, I just learned about your website thru court tv, they were talking about andrea yates case so they said if we wanted to find out more to do a google search so i did and ended up in the site.. I want to thank you for letting us into your private family life, watching the pictures, drawings and videos of your five beautiful angels made me cried, May God have them by his side... God Bless you and thank you for keeping their memory alive !

God Bless, Nery
Miami Florida