Monday, January 21, 2008

Future Topics

This post contains future topics for the blog. If you have any suggestions for other topics, then please let me know.
  • Review of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (APPL) "Practice Guidelines for Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation of Defendants Raising the Insanity Defense."
  • FAQ: Why do you support Andrea?
  • FAQ: Why did you divorce Andrea?
  • FAQ: How is Andrea doing? (with her permission)
  • FAQ: What role did the Woroniecki's influence have on the tragedy?
  • Steffi K. case (Germany)
  • Review of 2002 trial transcript
  • Review of 2002 report of Dr. Dietz to the state


Rachel said...

Hi Rusy, an idea for a future topic... I would be interested to know how life for you has been going since the children died. Are you still working for (?) NASA etc...

ashley said...

Hi Rusty. I don't have any ideas for future topics. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Melly said...

Hello, Mr. Yates. I don't know you and you don't know me, but I was absolutely touched by your tribute to your children. I sort of backed into some information about Andrea while doing some research on PPD and PNP and found a link your site on Wikipedia. Your children were beautiful, and sound like they were such angels; some of the home movies brought tears to my eyes.

Finding this blog is very helpful to me to understand what happened, and understand PNP. Thank you very much for putting this up. I will bookmark this page because I too, would like to know how Andrea is doing.

Lauren said...

I'm sorry for your loss

Anonymous said...

I think why you divorced Andrea is a good one. As I was reading the story (still confused by it a little) I think I got the understanding that you did not hold her accountable or that I think it was you believe that not her but her illness took your children. Why then would you divorce her? I look forward to finding out your answer because I can't find it anywhere on the internet.

Mariana said...

Please, restart to post again and update the blog! I'm from Brazil and I kept up the case. I would like to have at least one of your babies... Why to kill angels? Why didn't she give them to me? They are beatiful. They are angels now! I trust in the Lord and He will do Justice!
God bless you!

addy said...

Hi Rusty;
I've not visited for a bit, but keep you in my prayers. I hope you had a good Christmas.
I'd love to read info on these future topics, but only if you feel it's something 'you' want to do. You don't owe the public anything. I can't begin to understand what you have and are going through. You are proof that God helps his children through tough times in our lives. God bless you. hugs

Addy said...

I thought of a future blog idea that could help others...

Have you(Rusty) been seeing a psychologist and if so how has it helped and what types of things(said/strategies) helped you cope with what has happened.
I know firsthand talking to a counselor/psychologist can make all the difference.

onelife said...

I just finished a book about your wife case and alot that came out during the trail. I have only one question that seems to be brothering me. Why did you not see that she was as sick as she was and keep fighting to get her the help that she needed?

Lacey said...

Mr. Yates,

I'm interested in your take on the AAPL.

I had just graduated high school when your children died. I have to say that the 2002 trial influenced me to study psychology.

I enjoy your reviews on various books and documents even if they do not relate to Andrea's case or your childrens' story. We can only study it. Your family LIVED it.

Thyla said...

i don't blame you. you did the best you could.

i'm sorry about what happened. your children are beautiful.

L.A. said...

Hello, Rusty.

This blog is not a requirement. You don't owe the public anything and so I thank you for sharing your story with the world. Those who judge you have no right to do so.

I hope that you are able to find peace, happiness and comfort in your life.

Should you decide to answer any new question's please consider the following two questions:

Was it a difficult choice to marry again?

Would you consider bringing another child/children into the world?

Sending prayers and peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to say that after viewing all of your family website, I must say your family was a truly, beautiful blessing.I mean that not just for you , but for me as well. I so enjoyed viewing all the profiles of each individual child as well as the family.You and Andrea were loving parents and the proof was on those children's faces.I especially loved all the birthday videos.I couldn't wait to see what cake Andrea had made next LOL. She was a very talented, good loving mommy. God Bless

Anonymous said...


Nadia said...

Hi Rusty, an idea for a future topic I think would be very interesting if you can answer if at any moment after the tragedy happened you felt angry against Andrea

j said...

Hi Rusty,
Thank you for this blog as well as the beautiful memorial to your children on your other website. Struggling with PPD myself, I understand some of what Andrea must have gone through. I would love to know how she is doing these days, should she allow you to share that information with others. Wishing you and your family peace and strength.

veronica said...

Hi Rusty. I've just come across your blog after reading about Andrea's case for the first time. I haven't read many entries here yet so forgive me if I am repeating something already covered.

One thing that seems to be missing from this 'to do' list is a comment on your faith. Based on what I have read elsewhere (right or wrong?) you and/or Andrea were influenced strongly by one or more of your religious contacts. No doubt your relationship with God has been tested more than most people's. Also, I'm sure many believers would condemn your divorce, which must have been a difficult decision. How have your relationships with God and with the church changed?

Thanks. Best wishes.

allie said...

Hi Rusty, I just wanted to let you know that I am writing a paper on the case for my street law class... um, I think the website for the kids is pretty amazing, I cried just watching the videos. But anyways, I just hope I do them justice. Thank you

Anonymous said...

How is Andrea? I have been following the case since the beginning and feel connected to the pain you both must be feeling. I have four children and I do not know how I would go on if I lost one. I do however understand what Andrea believed to be true as far as the biblical responsibility of a mother and the pressure she felt to be perfect. Even though many believe that she used the insanity plea to escape the death penalty, I know that what she said, her reason was real to her and as a mother I would like to talk to her, become pen pals with her. Can this be arranged? I hope that you are well and moving on, although the pain of losing your children must still be with you, you must believe that they are safe and you will see them again.

michale said...

God bless you. A BBC series had one of their characters named Andrea Yates and I recognized the name and did a google search. Obviously it pointed me to the case and this site, which I didn't expect.
Anyway, I hope things are going well for you.

Sheila said...


I just want to "second" what "LA" said,

"This blog is not a requirement. You don't owe the public anything and so I thank you for sharing your story with the world. Those who judge you have no right to do so."

My heart goes out to you and your family. I have been a part of a church system that I now consider abusive, and I know what it is like to feel that you can never measure up and do a "good enough" job. I also homeschooled my 4 children and understand the pressures that can exist in that setting, especially combined with a perfectionistic outlook. I will pray for your continued healing. May God bless you.